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Basic Types of Garage Door Openers

An efficient garage door opener will help you save time and effort getting out of your car to open and close the garage door. It also increases your security by enabling you to get out of the car when you are inside the garage.

Nowadays, there are several models of garage door openers and drive systems that are available to choose from. If you are familiar with the different kinds of garage door openers available in the market, then it would be easy for you to take a decision about the correct garage door opener installation that suits your needs and requirements. The following mentioned are the basic types of garage door openers to choose from as the right equipment for your garage door. 

The drive system of garage door opener:

The first important point that you would have to consider while choosing a garage door opener is the type of operating system you will have for your garage door. The driven system of the opener is considered as the operating mechanism that lifts and lowers the garage door when instructed using a handy remote control transmitter or a keypad.

  • The chain-driven garage door opener is a famous model which originated with the combination of older and new technology before the dawning of the automatic model. The chain-driven garage door opener can be installed in the middle of a ceiling and assists the garage door in the lifting and lowering process through tracks that are mounted on either side of the garage door.
  • The screw-driven garage door system features more efficiency as compared to the chain-driven system that needs little maintenance. It is due to the fact that fewer parts are involved in the assembly of the garage door opener. The system lifts the garage door with the help of a metal rod mechanism found in the middle of the ceiling of the garage. The opener runs more speedily and quietly than chain driven system. 
  • The latest system is a computer-driven mechanism. It is the new and latest operating system that does not feature a chain drive and screw drive system. As opposed to the previous two models, the belt and computer driven system are found above the garage door opening and function through a computer system. It is a demanding model because of its high speed, quiet operations, and good safety system.

The power system of the motor:

Garage door openers are normally made up of different motors that run at various power levels. Keep in mind the size and weight of the garage door while choosing a garage door opener. Find a motor that has the right horsepower to lift the weight of the garage door. Consult a garage door specialist about the right horsepower that would suit your garage door. A standard garage door can be operated with a ¼ HP motor while a larger garage door needs at least a ¾ HP motor. 

Remote control features:

There are different types of remote controls that are used for garage door openers. These remote controls are specially designed to open or close the garage door with one or multiple buttons. You will facilitate with the options of choosing a standard remote control transmitter, keypad remote, and handy keychain remote. 

Garage door security system:

Recent models of garage door openers come with distinct safety features that normally function with a laser beam to control the movements of the garage door. Safety sensors are also used when something obstructs the way of a closing garage door. These safety mechanism features are mandated by the law authorities. Modern garage doors are featured with advanced technology to prevent unauthorized access and stealing of passcode.