Garage Door Opener Safety

Garage door opener has gained a lot of popularity among garage owners, and most garage door includes an opener. The garage door is a mechanical device that needs to be properly installed to avoid injuries. There are wide varieties of Dallas Garage Door Repair Services  for opener available in the market, each with unique features. Select a garage door opener with entrapment protection system. External entrapment protection system can be either an electric eye or a door edge sensor.

An Electric Eye:

An electrical eye is an external protection system with two photoelectric sensors installed on both of the door tacks. This type of external protection should never be installed higher than six inches from the garage floor. This help to ensure that a child cannot crawl under the sensor’s invisible beam. If the invisible light beams as broken during the closing process, the door should stop and reverse. If there is any barrier in the light beam path or both sensors are out of alignment, you will not be able to close the door until you correct the problem.

Door edge sensor:

Door edge sensors are normally used in elevator doors as well in most residential garage door openers. It involves installing strips along the edges of the door, and if it detects a pressure applied on the door, it will stop and reverse the door. For this kind of external entrapment protection system to work, the reverse on obstruction functionality must be installed properly. It does not include photoelectric sensors but only safety future. If the electric eye is not correctly installed, you may have to make some screws adjustments on the garage door.

Note that the garage door is not a crane but a device designed to assist you in closing and opening the door without having to apply a lot of force. Before the opener arm is fixed in the door, you need to make sure that door spring tension has been adjusted properly and the door is equally balanced. If you need to test the door with an opener, you need to disconnect the arm first and adjust the door until it can fully close the door. When the springs are properly adjusted, you will be able to raise, lower or stop the garage door easily at any height. It should be able to remain at required level without holding. Avoid placing your fingers between the door sections while performing any tests.


Garage door opener is a great tool for garage owners as it eases the door opening operations. Although they are potentially hazardous, they are a number of garage door opener safety tips that you can use to avoid injuries. Avoid plugging the garage door opener on an extension cord. Plug it directly into the electric outlet to avoid failures. Whenever you are installing the garage door opener from  Dallas Garage Door Repair Services, ensure that the upper door panel or door section has been reinforced. The garage door should be installed at about 60” to prevent children from playing with it. While testing the system, carefully disconnect the opener arm and test it is it is properly balanced, and if not you can invite professional to help you adjust the system.