Importance Of Garage Organization

Over the years, I have bought and owned several homes. The very first thing on my mind after moving into a home that has no garage is to build one. This is in many cases before the very last packing box is unpacked. For those with experience, they know that residing in the Snowbelt makes it almost impossible for one to survive without a garage. This is because more often than not, one needs to protect their vehicles and other motorized equipment that they own.

As Jay Leno rightly put it, there is no such thing as having a garage that is too large. The following are some things that you may want to consider when it comes to building, finishing and organizing your garage.

Finishing a garage: Attached Vs detached

If you are still in the planning stage of your garage, it is wise to build one that is as large as your budget and space allow. The first thing that you will have to consider is whether to have a stand alone or an attached garage. You may also want to consider building a fully enclosed garage if the area experiences frequent rains, snow or even wind. If however, these three elements are not frequent or serious, a simple permanent structure will work just as fine.

The type of garage that you decide to go with (attached or detached) will ultimately determine the kind of finishing work that you might need to carry out:

· If for instance, you choose an attached garage, you will have to think about insulation so as to protect the rest of the house from garage fires that may occur. You may have to put a specific kind of sheetrock on the common wall of the house. This will prevent the house wall from catching fire. In case there is a room above the garage, you may need to insulate the ceiling with a drywall too. Generally, the main aim here is to ensure that the interiors of the garage are finished bearing in mind that a lot of families may end up converting a garage into a living space.

· In the event that you chose to go for a detached garage, you will need to consider the main aim of the garage. If for instance, you intend it as a workshop, a hobby center or even as an office, you will definitely require some electrical works. You may also require some source of heating or air conditioning depending on which part of the world you are in.

Some ideas on finishing a garage

Finishing a garage may have different meanings to different people;

· For some, it may mean having a comfortable are in which to repair their vehicles.

· For others, it may mean having a safe place for their vehicles and mowers away from the harsh weather.

· Yet still for others, it may mean a substitute for an attic for everything that will not fit in the house.

While finishing a garage may include anything from having a bare sheet to having treated floors and painted walls, they purpose you have in mind for the garage will ultimately determine how you will finish your garage

Important Points on organizing your garage

Here, you will need to find the system that works best, depending on the amount of stuff that is in your garage. Shelves, hanging devices are all nice ways that may help tidy up your garage floors. However, there are other points to consider on this:

· Overheads storages have both advantages and disadvantages; while they will help in getting things off you garage floors; many garages have limited ceiling heights. This means that head-knocking hazard is something that you will have to deal with. To avoid this, however, consider hanging them out of your way.

· Plastic storages and shelves are both easy and cheap to install, however, with time, they may weaken, sag and eventually break bringing back the mess you are trying to avoid. To rectify this, you may consider using them for storing lighter items.

· You may also consider buying the more durable metallic shelves, however, this will cost you more than the plastic ones.

The payoff for a well finished and organized garage

Both having and organizing your garage well will increase the value of your home. So in the event, there is the value of the home consideration, you may want to put the garage in order. It will also help to persuade a customer who is not too willing to buy your home.

Therefore the next time you want to have a garage, you may want to put in a dollar or two in ensuring that they garage is not only finished but also well organized.