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Safety Measures on Installing a Garage Door Spring

Accidents related to the overhead garage doors are reported for an average of about 30,000 injuries in a year, according to USA consumer Product Safety Commission. These accidents could be amputations, fractures, and even crushing that could lead to dangerous incidents like death. The most hazardous component of the garage door is its springs. They are challenging and dangerous parts to handle. It means if you either choose to perform a garage door spring installation project on your own or have someone like, garage door spring repair in Fort Worth do it professionally, there are certain safety measurements that should be considered when it concerns garage door spring installation project.

Old versus new models of garage door springs:

Unlike old garage door springs, the recent models of springs come with a core rod running inside the spring coil. This is why the older models of garage door springs are considered more dangerous and challenging especially in the case of installation failure. These springs are expected to throw off steel shrapnel objects and miscellaneous junks around the garage. These flying objects can damage your properties, your car, and even you. The recent models come with a core rod which is used as a safety measure. It will retain the broken junks of metal in the case of breakage. Naturally newer models are safer than old versions. Consult your local garage door service provider to check the difference between the two.

Torsion Spring Repair

Types of garage door springs:

The garage door torsion springs system is a recent model which may consist of one or two springs used for the garage door. The newer model of springs is wound up around a metal rod and placed right above the garage door header. What do you need to follow? Maximum tension happens when the garage door goes down. Under such circumstances, if the garage door spring breaks and you want to close the garage door manually, you should follow some safety precautions. Some of the tips include don’t try to stop the garage door from going down, quickly leaving the space, and making sure that nobody is around the garage door.

If your garage door has a dual spring system, both springs should be replaced at the same time even if one spring breaks. It may cost you a little more but having an old spring with the new one will only increase the risk of potential damages around your garage door. Garage door extension springs are the older type of operating system. When this system was created, it was once a useful device for garage doors. These springs were installed to aid the garage door in the opening and closing process by counterbalancing the heavyweight of the garage door. Anyone who has this system will tell you how risky the system functions. It is one of the reasons these springs are no longer created. Professionals suggested replacement if this old system is still in use. A safety resolution is introduced in the form of garage door safety cables. 


What are garage door safety cables?

This safety system consists of lightweight cables. When you have cables running throughout the springs, then the broken chunks of garage door springs will still go ballistic but within a certain range of safety cables. You can install these cables on your own after measuring the right size of springs.